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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need to be in a certain league to be able to participate in the tournament series?

Answer - This Tournament Series in a Non Sanctioned Tournament meaning any team can participate in the tournament series.

2.  Who can coach my team?
Answer - Any parent or Adult 18 years or older can coach as long they pass the background check.  

3.  Do I have to be on the same team I was on during school.

Answer -No you do not, you can choose your team however you want.  

4.  What does 6U, 7U, 8U and so forth mean?
Answer - The number means age and the U means under so for example if you are in the 10U Division that means kids 10 years old and under.

5.  If most of the players on my team are 8 years old and younger except one player is 9 can we still play in the 8U Division?  
Answer - No, to be eligible all players on your team must be 8 or younger or you will have to play in a higher older division.  

6.  Can my team play in a lower age division?
Answer -  No, Teams can not play in younger division.

7.  What determines the Age Divisions?

Answer - Birth year  

8.  What are the age Divisions for 2022 year.
Answer - (6U  - 2015), (7U - 2014),  (8U - 2013), (9U - 2012), (10U - 2011), (11U - 2010), (12U - 2009), (13U - 2008), (14U - 2007), (15U  - 2006), (16U - 2005), (17U - 2004)

9.  What is the Regional Tournaments? 
Answer - State Tournaments in the Midwest Region.  

10.  To participate in a State Regional Tournament does your team have to live in the state that the tournament is held?
Answer - No, your team can be from any State in the USA or Canada.  All teams from across the nation or Canada are welcome to participate in any Midwest Tournament.

11.  What happens if my team wins a tournament?
Answer - Each player of the winning team will receive a award and the team will receive a discount bid entry fee to the Midwest Flag Championships Tournament.  Divisional Teams winners will be spotlighted on the Midwest Flag Football site and other social media until next tournament starts. 

12.  What is the Midwest Best of the Best Tournament?
Answer - It is the last and FINAL tournament of the year for Midwest Tournament Series.  It will have the best Midwest teams competing to see who is the Midwest Flag Champions.  

13.  Can any team participate in the MIDWEST FLAG CHAMPIONSHIPS?
Answer - Yes any team across the nation can compete in the Midwest Flag Championships  The Divisional winners of the Midwest Regional Tournaments will receive a reserved spot at the tournament and a discount bid to the Midwest Flag Championships.

14.  Where is the MIDWEST FLAG CHAMPIONSHIPS Tournament held?

Answer - Woodside (Dells) Sports Complex in the Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (Waterpark capital of the world)

15. What happens if my team wins the MIDWEST FLAG CHAMPIONSHIPS tournament?

wer - Winning teams will be crowned the Midwest Flag Champions and will receive individual awards.  Team champions will be spotlighted on the Midwest Flag Football site and on other social media.

16.  When does the Midwest Tournament series start each year?
Answer - The Tournament series starts in March.

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